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5 Reasons Why 2015 Is Going To Be A Great Year For Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

1. The New Blood

Source // s012.radikal.ru

Source // s012.radikal.ru

No, we’re not talking about Friday The 13th Part 7, we’re talking about the stars of the future. We’re talking about the bands that are here to shake sh*t up and keep Rock N’ Roll relevant!

Royal Blood caused a right-royal stir in 2014 and it’s pretty obvious their momentum is only going to continue in 2015; they may not be re-writing the rule book but at least they’re adding another chapter.

Marmozets will undoubtedly capitalise on the acclaim aimed at their debut The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets. It’s been some time since a young band has so fearlessly stepped up to the plate with the brains to match the brawn and 2015 should see them go supernova.

Not particularly new but still criminally overlooked, Bloodshot Dawn are one of the most exciting Death Metal bands around and their sophomore effort, Demons, was a bulldozing riff-fest; if the planets align, 2015 should be massive for them.

Artificial Brain and Torrential Downpour are causing a stir stateside with their original, otherworldly, take on Technical Death Metal and Progressive Metal madness respectively; keep an eye on both.

While in Europe, The German Panzer (featuring Schmier from Destruction and Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann of Accept) will undoubtedly blow holes in the competition this year.

Would it be remiss to ignore Babymetal? They sure do divide opinion but as bastions of Heavy Metal’s tolerance and eagerness to embrace anything challenging and new, Babymetal must surely be ones to watch in 2015!

The most exciting thing about 2015 is knowing you will discover some great new bands, revisit some old favourites and experience some electrifying live shows.

So, get to as many gigs as you can and buy some f*ckin’ T-Shirts…support the scene that supports you.

Here’s to a neck-wrecking New Year! \m/

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I love metal. Always have. Always will. As editor of Worship Metal - a site dedicated to being as positive about metal and its myriad of sub-genres as possible - my aim is to 'worship' metal through honest reviews, current news and a wide variety of features; offering the same exposure to underground bands as we do to mainstream/well known acts. Our mantra; the bands are partners and we exist to serve the bands \m/

4 Comments on 5 Reasons Why 2015 Is Going To Be A Great Year For Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

  1. I totally agree and have been predicting the rise and return of thrash for a year or two now. That is why we will have a stack of old and new thrash bands playing this year. Keep rockin’ love the site.

    • Chris Jennings // January 4, 2015 at 6:55 pm // Reply

      Cheers Dave. The fact that Wildfire Festival has booked Lawnmower Deth, Anihilated, Disposable etc speaks volumes for the UK scene. The people demand Thrash and the people shall have Thrash! \m/

  2. It is a really humbling moment for us in Mammothfest to be recoginised along with such other great festivals in 2015. Our energy towards the UK metal scene is massive – http://www.mammothmetalfestival.co.uk/community – so its not just about our main event but embracing the underground which, is our future while also bringing some kick ass bands to Brighton like the mighty ONSLAUGHT. A personal dream come true to be hosting them at one of my events. Honestly, this thread made our day but this is just the start, we have massive plans.

    Thank you Chris.



    • Chris Jennings // January 14, 2015 at 6:36 pm // Reply

      A pleasure Steve.

      WorshipMetal is a site dedicated to spreading the word on new bands, old bands, forgotten bands and everything else in between. As you say, the underground is equally as important as established bands and it was clear that Mammothfest was a festival that embraced both! Onslaught are the Kings of UK Thrash (alongside Anihilated & Virus of course) and I don’t think you could ask for a better headliner…a better live band you’d be hard pressed to find.

      Consider WorshipMetal behind Mammothfest all the way….2015 is going to be killer!

      Thanks for the kind words

      Chris \m/

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