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5 Incredible THRASH Albums Turning 5 Years Old in 2024

5 years old…. and still on regular rotation! 

Presented in alphabetical order as opposed to any kind of ranking….

Acid Reign – The Age Of Entitlement [UK]

Released: September 27th 2019 via Dissonance Productions

In 2019, Tool may have graced us with a new release after 13 years but 13 years was NOTHING compared to the wait for Acid Reign‘s new album! Old-school UK thrash royalty Acid Reign released their last full length studio album, Obnoxious, in 1990. Bloody good it was, too. But, shortly after, thrash metal trundled to a halt and the wheels came off for many a band, Acid Reign included.

And that was that. Except it wasn’t. In 2015, frontman Howard “H” Smith rebooted the band, recruited 4 new members and released the corking comeback single, “Plan Of The Damned“, revealing a more mature, more rounded, heavier and tighter band than before.

Diversity, outstanding songwriting, a career best performance from frontman ‘H’, social commentary; The Age Of Entitlement had everything and is one of those precious few albums where you don’t dare skip a track.

An outstanding modern thrash record.  

Algebra – Pulse [Switzerland]

Released: September 30th 2019 via Unspeakable Axe Records

A truly technical thrash album that instantly brought to mind the classics – Dark Angel’s Time Does Not Heal, Heathen’s Victims Of Deception, Forbidden‘s Twisted Into Form & Defiance’s Beyond Recognition are ideal bedfellows – Algebra‘s Pulse optimised thrash’s grand design and elaborated on each and every facet imaginable.

Ultimately brave and featuring above average performances, Pulse‘s greatest achievement lay with its finely-tuned ear for complexity which, somehow, manifested itself into catchy as fuck songs. These guys may be incredibly indebted to the forefathers of the technical thrash scene but, in 2019, this is as close to tech thrash godliness as you’d ever hope to encounter.

The only Algebra we’ve ever enjoyed!

Critical Defiance – Misconception [Chile]

Released: February 8th, 2019 via Unspeakable Axe Records.

In 2019, Chilean young pups Critical Defiance stepped up to the plate stepped up to the plate and delivered old-school thrash with 100% ferocity and conviction and, in a list that’s filled with the return of the old thrash guard, Critical Defiance stood out as a new band honouring the legends of the scene while proudly forging their own path.

Misconception was an outstanding debut album brimming with ideas, tempo changes and a ridiculous amount of ear-pleasing riffs. These guys didn’t just settle on one half-decent groove and bleed it for all its worth. No, Critical Defiance slapped you round the chops with ingenious riff after ingenious riff, channeling the progressive likes of Anacrusis, Coroner and Forbidden in the process while offering so much variety it’s hard to keep up with the thrash-happy bastards!

Misconception was the thrash debut of the year in our book.

Flotsam And Jetsam – The End Of Chaos [USA]

Released: January 18th 2019 via AFM Records

Kicking off with the high energy double-whammy of “Prisoner Of Time” and “Control”, it quickly became apparent that Erik A.K and the boys were not messing about on album number 13 and if delivering ballsy, melodic thrash of the highest order was their intention, they most certainly succeeded! It was also pretty damn clear that the guys had a ball making this album because, despite the sometimes morose nature of the lyrics, a life affirming energy coursed through the veins of this album that was practically second to none.

It’s worth noting that guitarists Michael Gilbert and Steve Conley were in particularly fine form throughout, unleashing a maelstrom of high-tempo thrash riffs and a flurry of intricate solos with gleeful abandon. In particular, songs such as the fiendishly catchy “Recover”, the energetic gallop of “Demolition Man” and the soaring crunch of “Survive” are designed to get neck muscles snapping and those horns raised high.

We’re not saying that The End Of Chaos is quite on the same level as 80’s milestones Doomsday For The Deceiver and No Place For Disgrace but, as modern thrash albums from a veteran band goes, this is exactly what you expect from musicians of this calibre!

War Curse – Eradication [USA]

Released: May 10th 2019 via Svart Records

With not a weak song to be found – although the likes of “Asylum”, “Serpent”, the title track and the full blown rip-snorter that is “Sands Of Fate” are our particular standouts – Eradication was an album that revelled in its thrash supremacy; one with the good sense to know that speed isn’t always everything and knows exactly when to slow the pace down and let an innate sense of groove take over.

As if that’s not enough, throw in guest appearances from Glen Alvelais (Forbidden), Kragen Lum (Heathen) and Kyle Thomas (Exhorder), appearances that actually add to the songs instead of the usual roping in of famous friends for publicity’s sake, and you have an absolute beast of an album on your hands!

Incidentally, what a year 2019 was for Jason Viebrooks (Heathen / Exhorder / ex-Grip Inc.), who not only provided Exhorder’s rumbling backbone but also provided bass on War Curse’s Eradication. Hats off to you fella!

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