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Old Painless – Demo Songs – Review

April 8, 2024

Marching out of Manchester come Old Painless; stoner rock / metal dudes with a penchant for fuzzy riffs, gruff vocals and the kind of stoner grooves that’ll satisfy [...]

Sabotage – Pishach – Album Review

March 17, 2024

‘Pishach’, as we all know(?!), means Demon – and flesh-eating ones at that! And it’s those kinds of pesky demons that India’s Sabotage were messing around with on [...]

Atrophy – Asylum – Album Review

March 17, 2024

We fackin’ love a good thrash comeback and, after 34(!) years, the return of cult Arizona thrashers Atrophy is a wonderful thing. Sure, we could get into the whole [...]
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