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Disgorged Foetus – Obscene Utter Gore Annihilation – Album Review

We feel that the following words best describe this album:

Abhorrent. Aggressive. Begrimed. Brutal. Clammy. Coarse. Crass. Crazed. Crude. Dank. Death. Debasing. Defiled. Demented. Deranged. Dirty. Disgusting. Disturbing. Excretory. Extreme. Fecal. Feculent. Filthy. Fleshy. Foul. Frenzied. Frightful. Fusty. Gloopy. Gore. GoreGrind. Grimy. Grisly. Gross. Grotty. Grubby. Gruesome. Icky. Immoral. Indecent. Lewd. Malodorous. Manky. Miasmic. Moist. Mouldy. Mucky. Murder. Musty. Nasty. Nauseating. Noxious. Obscene. Puke-inducing. Putrescent. Putrid. Rancid. Rank. Rebarbative. Repellant. Repugnant. Revolting. Salacious. Savage. Scungy (it’s a word!). Scuzzy. Sickening. Sleazy. Slimy. Smutty. Soiled. Sordid. Stained. Stinky. Stomach-churning. Sour. Threatening. Unhinged. Unsavoury. Unseemly. Unstable. Unsavoury. Vehement. Vile. Violent. Vomitous. Vulgar. Wet.

That just about sums it up. 6/10

Disgorged FoetusObscene Utter Gore Annihilation was released on December 15th, 2023 via Imphalte Productions

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  1. thk U to write few words on our latest album.

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