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Defecal Of Gerbe – Mothershit – Album Review

Not shit. Not the mother-load either!

French gore grinders Defecal Of Gerbe are wallowing in the gutter – and rummaging around at the bottom of the toilet bowel – on debut album, Mothershit. 

Rife with pig-squealing, distorted gutturals and drummer R.V.’s weird punky-esque shouty nonsense (potentially the very definition of a ‘scat-man’ in this context), this amalgamation of the sloppy innards of early Carcass and the more, shall we say, well-rounded(!) grind of Exhumed, is a shit-load of fun, full of groove and in love with all things brown and smelly!

While the Led Zeppelin-aping Mothership piss-take is amusing enough (although how funny ‘poo’ really is when spread over 45 minutes of music will depend on your own tolerance for toilet humour), it’s the not-so-glorious sounds we’re really interested in….and there are noises here as sonically grotesque as you’re probably anticipating from a gore-grind band.

The likes of the rapid fire “Leffe For Dead” work a treat but there’s far too many overlong and not particularly interesting tracks which seriously halt the flow.

With a few, judicial, edits we could be dealing with a prize turd (meant in a positive way!) but Defecal of Gerbe’s splashy downfall is their inability to pop in for a quick plop and get the fuck out again. These guys like to linger, ruminating over their toilet habits and dragging things out a little too long. They’re at their best when they literally get their shit together and squeeze out high octane blasts of grinding noise and not fannying about with long grind songs (surely a misnomer in itself) and nonsensical, unfunny skits.

Not shit. Not the mother-load either. 5/10

Defecal Of Gerbe’s Mothershit is available now via XENOKORP.

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