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Master – Saints Dispelled – Album Review

Don't you dare doubt 'em!

The brainchild of mighty metal mentor Paul Speckmann, death-thrashers Master should need no introduction – at least they shouldn’t if you’ve had any interest in extreme metal since 1983! Virtually no one delivers this kind of thrashy death metal better than Master and their strict adherence to time-honoured codes has always lent them a timeless appeal. And, rest assured, Saints Dispelled is no exception.

Death thrash by numbers this ain’t but Master also cannot be accused of taking the sub-genre into uncharted territory; they leave that particular job to the thousands and thousands of bands who have followed in their wake. 

So, don’t launch yourself into Master‘s 15th(!) release expecting much experimentation (although “the Wiseman” does take a more ‘expansive’ approach) as each track sticks to virtually the same formula throughout…. but it’s this adherence to a bludgeoning, no-bullshit attack which makes Saints Dispelled so rewarding in an age of unrelenting technical wankery.

What is noticeable, however, is how reinvigorated the band sound in 2024. This could be down to the introduction of new drummer Peter Bajci and new guitarist Alex “93” Nejezchleba – who provide ample oomph for Sir Speckmann to get behind – but we would wager its simply because this metal veteran has nothing left to prove and is simply thrashin’ harder and faster with no fucks given. This approach pays dividends too with the likes of “Walk In The Footsteps Of Doom”, “Saints Dispelled,” and “Minds Under Pressure” ably stripping skin from bone in a manner that would shame 99% of their much younger peers.

We may be pushing our luck here, but Saints Dispelled could very well be the best Master album since 1991’s cult favourite On the Seventh Day God Created… Master 8/10

Master‘s Saints Dispelled is due for release on 19th January 2024 via Hammerheart Records

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