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Old Painless – Demo Songs – Review

"It's time to let Old Painless out the bag."

Marching out of Manchester come Old Painless; stoner rock / metal dudes with a penchant for fuzzy riffs, gruff vocals and the kind of stoner grooves that’ll satisfy even the most hardened stoner fan.

While “Deep And Wide” will never be found guilty of bringing anything new to the table, it at least brings a sizeable enough portion of the devil’s lettuce to really chow down on and showcases Old Painless‘ obvious credentials from the outset. The same can be said for “Just Another Case Of Bad Luck” and the more expansive “Rusty Hammer” but it’s “Fleetfooted Mankiller”, however, that’s the the one track here that had us raising our eyebrows in anticipation of what a decent production could do for this potentially great song. With an almost 80s hard rock / metal feel (it’s hard to explain, but that’s where our heads went), there’s a bounce and energy to this track that may be embryonic but could very well grow into an absolute monster!

While not yet as lethal as Blain Cooper’s handheld M134 Mingun, these demos do indicate that Old Painless – with sights firmly set on their target – could very well hit the mark in the near future.

Keep ’em peeled! 6/10

Old Painless‘s Demo Songs is available NOW via bandcamp

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