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Catalysis – Into The Unknown – EP Review

Into The Unknown could very well be the catalyst for great things!

Dundee based metal/metalcore clan Catalysis shot out of the traps with the release of debut EP Into The Unknown back in January. We’re a little late to the party as they’re already working on a follow-up but a few choice words are warranted nonetheless.

Billy goats gruff vocals provide the necessary grit, as elsewhere Into The Unkown features scintillating melodic leads which wrench this beast out of the mire. Overall though, this is a heavy-as-fuck riff-fest which commands you to take heed…..Catalysis mean serious business!

Clean vocals are used sparingly, and effectively, but it’s the ferocity that stands out.

Sure, there’s not a great deal of variety to speak of but when Catalysis do open up and experiment (such as on “Run With The Hunted”) their crushing sections of relentless chugging – perfected on the invigorating “Transcend” – are tempered by a progressive edge which could serve these guys well in the future.

Fans of Trivium, Still Remains and Heart of a Coward should seek these guys out as Into The Unknown could very well be the catalyst (ha) for great things! 7/10


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