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Zebadiah Crowe – Host Rider – Album Review

For fans of: Venom | Ministry | Mantar | Babylon Whores

After seven long years, two-man hate unit Zebadiah Crowe have finally returned from the darkest confines of the netherworld, ready to regale us with raucous and rancid tirades that come spattered in blood and bile.

Those with a fragile constitution should know that there is absolutely nothing palatable about this vile disease. Host Rider does not compromise and it spares no one. Instead, the relentless, uncompromising nature of this release simply pummels you with the sounds of the dirtiest punk, the filthiest thrash, and the charred, churning industrialised clatter of unimaginable horror.

Take Killing Joke and force them through a black metal mincer and you may – may! – come close to imagineering the aural atrocity that awaits. Of course, this infers that Host Rider is virtually unlistenable and that is categorically not the case. Zebadiah Crowe’s use of punishing pace and wall of sound approach lends it an addictive propulsion which renders you speechless, yet totally entranced by the violence that seeps from every pore. You’ll have to be accustomed to this sort of filth to appreciate it but hardy souls will no doubt adore Zebadiah Crowe’s suffocating slant on all things extreme.

Host Rider is madness…..in musical form. 8/10 

Zebadiah Crowe’s Host Rider is OUT NOW via Lore Breaker Records

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