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Promethium – Revisions – Album Review

UK metallers go acoustic!

Hats off to those bands that attempt stripped-back, acoustic versions of their usually riff-heavy metal anthems and, in this instance, it’s UK metal outfit Promethium who have attempted such an album. These things are notoriously tricky and can, in the wrong hands, rob a band of any power they may have when adopting their normal, electrified, guise. Frankly, you can make yourself look like a bit of a tit if your songs fail to shine without the protection of distortion surrounding them…..but this is not a problem for Promethium!

Revisions is an apt name for a collection of tracks that re-examine the very core of Promethium’s modus operandi. Heavy on thoughtful, ruminative, lyricism and maintaining a level of darkness that befits the subject matter, Revisions circumnavigates any potential pitfalls by delivering on their promise.

As with all projects of this type, it’s the frontman who finds themselves most painfully on-show; taking front and centre and virtually alone with just their singular vision to carry them through. Fortunately, Steve Graham’s voice is honest, raw and emotionally carved open for all to hear. The man truly shines here and while he is not blessed with a massive range he is undoubtedly a committed, brave performer who delivers each and every word with clarity and 100% conviction. Revisions is practically Steve’s show and it’s worth noting that Dan Lovett-Horn’s excellent reworking of his own riffs admirably serve Steve in his overall performance, allowing these songs to breathe and find their own, distinct, space.

Revisions provides fans of Promethium a far clearer, far cleaner glimpse of the beating heart that lives at the very centre of Promethium’s music…..and it works, fantastically. For example, the version of “Nothing” found on Revisions can now be considered the definitive version of the song while the acoustic versions of “Shellshock” and “Enemies Fate” (taken from 2018’s Faces Of War) more than just ‘hold their own’ when compared to their bruising counterparts.

A revisionary exercise that should be considered an unmitigated success. 8/10

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