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Blind Monarch – What Is Imposed Must Be Endured – Album Reissue Review

Endure it!

Do despair doom fans; in fact, revel in your desperation, acknowledge your abject failure at life and kneel at the altar of Sheffield doom ‘n gloomers Blind Monarch who are here to verify that your futile existence is without consequence and utterly devoid of hope!

Sounds depressing? Too fuckin’ right it is!

What Is Imposed Must Be Endured is the bleak, nihilistic sound of crusty belligerence welded to the kind of death/doom noise pioneered by the likes of Winter, early-Paradise Lost, Decomposed and Paramaecium and if 56 mins of crushing doom riffs and gargled affliction sounds like your bag, then dive the fuck in!

Let’s be frank, you’ve heard this kind of miserable filth a million times before but that doesn’t impact too heavily on the strength of Blind Monarch’s debut. While languid structures make for a punishing listen – which is to be expected and endured – What Is Imposed Must Be Endured is bestrewn with subtlety which ably breaks-up the onslaught.

We recommend you suffer through Blind Monarch’s repugnant experience…..it’s what death/doom was made for! 7/10

Originally released in 2019, a vinyl reissue of What Is Imposed Must Be Endured is due out on Dry Cough Records in April 2021.

Nip over to bandcamp and secure yourself a copy!

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