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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Krysthla – Worldwide Negative

Question who you are! Question what you believe!

Krysthla‘s third album, Worldwide Negative, has been receiving unanimous critical acclaim for one very good reason; it’s the finest UK extreme metal album in a decade.

“Shut the front fuckin’ door Worship Metal, you bunch of ass-lickin’ dicks”, we hear you cry in mock internet scorn. Well, it’s true and it’s also the reason we’ve held off writing this review until now. We’ve sat with this album for a while now, giving it room to breathe and grow and our only possible conclusion was to name it album of the year material.

Krysthla’s schizophrenic rhythms, their pure aggression, their cunning grasp of melody and dynamics is all here, amped up and ramped up to the nth degree. In context, Worldwide Negative is the sound of extreme metal perfection with djent, death metal, melodic black metal, post-metal and progressive metal caught in a clusterfuck explosion of lion-hearted barks and roars and an inextinguishable blitzkrieg of punishing riffs that rain down incessantly and with no remorse.

Heavy in every sense of the word – we’re in dark territory lyrically with remediations on suicide and depression taking centre stage but also being balanced out with thoughts on redemption – Krysthla’s ‘no barriers’ approach to metal has paid dividends because they haven’t over thought it. Each song on Worldwide Negative has its place and its organic gestation rings true throughout. These songs crush you but they also ebb and flow, channeling darkness and light, melody and aggression and the resulting experience will leave you exhilarated and breathless.

Following-up 2017’s simply outstanding Peace In Our Time was never going to be easy but Krysthla have delivered an album that surpasses that colossus in almost every way. The UK has always gifted the world the finest metal bands and Krysthla can now officially be added to that list.

With Worldwide Negative, the fuse has been lit…..and it’s time for Krysthla to make their indelible mark on the worldwide metal scene! 10/10

Krysthla’s Worldwide Negative will be released via PHD on 16th August 2019.

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