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JINJER Condemn Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Make music, not war.

Ukrainian metalcore / prog-metallers Jinjer have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this past Thursday, February 24, and have appealed to fans from both countries – and everywhere – to support peace and the independence of Ukraine.

The exceptional metalcore band hail from the region of Donetsk, one of the two “breakaway” regions held by Russian rebels and recognised by Russian president Vladimir Putin on February 22, prefiguring the decision to invade.

Jinjer have issued the following statement:

“Dear all, as we write this text, for the moment, each member of JINJER and our families are safe and unhurt. We truly appreciate all our fans around the globe for caring, getting in touch and for all the sympathy and support for our band and more importantly our country.

As you all know, early this morning on February 24th, Putin started the war against the sovereign and independent #ukraine ! Please know that in this time we really depend on you, our fans in every country – to support Ukriane and peace in our country however you ca n- especially our fans in Russia, you and your opinion matter the most at this time.

NOTHING can justify the violence and death of innocents, and this is exactly what’s happening in our country right now.

Stop the war in Ukraine now!”

One can only imagine what this tragedy will push Tati to express.

Worship Metal extends our solidarity to Jinjer and the people of Ukraine.

Make music, not war.


Jinjer bassist Eugene Abdukhanov has published a new video message via the band’s social media (February 26) deploring the Russian invasion of his country and urging music fans to work to secure international support for Ukraine’s defence:


All of Jinjer‘s members were “relatively safe”, or as safe as they could be, at the time the video was issued.

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