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AEONS – Blight – Single Review

Don't want you to fear anymore....

In late 2021, Aeons released one of the progressive metal albums of the year in the shape of the stunning and multifaceted, Consequences (we fuckin’ loved it and included it in our 35 Greatest Albums Of 2021 feature).

Now, the Isle Of Man based band have unveiled a second single and video from that album. “Blight” showcases an entrancing, tranquil side to Aeons‘ music, a side steeped in Opeth-like melodies and progressions that fully captivate the listener as its tale unfolds. You can read a full interview with Aeons about “Blight”, Consequences and what lies ahead for the band – all at Zero Tolerance now:


Worship Metal Verdict:

Those who appreciated the aching, melancholic beauty of Opeth‘s “Harvest” (2001’s Blackwater Park) and “Benighted” (1999’s Still Life) will surely recognise the sheer majesty of Aeons‘ latest single.

The key to these semi-acoustic numbers is their placing (and context) within an album and the welcome respite they so often offer. By tapping into a darkness that’s both warm, safe and yet strangely unsettling, Aeons achieve this, and more, with a tale of fear and solitude manifesting itself as space allegory….which neatly, on the album at least, leads into the ferocious tech/prog metal of “Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut“. As a one-two, this works exceptionally well on Consequences but, taken as a solo piece, “Blight” is no less effective without its more animalistic compatriot. In fact, when left isolated, the vulnerability of “Blight” becomes ever more apparent and the song is elevated to another level entirely.

While not necessarily a true reflection of Aeons‘ often more brutal work, what “Blight” does do is showcase a band whose multi-faceted talents never fail to surprise. If you want 11 minute prog metal monsters they’ve got ’em (check out the masterpiece that is “Evelyn”). If you’re hankering for 5 mins of djent-infused, ferocious tech metal, then “Rubicon” is your bag”. And, if you’re after something a little more thoughtful and perhaps a little more considered….then “Blight” will soothe the soul.

Featuring stunning musicianship and emotive lyrics evocatively delivered, there’s only one word to accurately sum up “Blight”….. and that word is “beautiful”. 9/10

Consequences is still available from the Aeons Bandcamp page and from AmazoniTunes and Spotify. So go pick up one of the best albums of 2021!

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