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Bleed Again – Bleed Again – EP Review

Unlike Icarus, Bleed Again have nothing to fear; failure is not an option

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The UK Metal scene is currently thriving and it’s all because of bands like West Sussex’s Bleed Again. The underground appears to be throwing up quality bands like these bare-knuckle bruisers on a daily basis and their return to the fundamentals of the genre are a much needed respite from today’s sub-genre obsessed labelling. F*ck demographics, Bleed Again do not require some ‘core’-affixed clumsy description to pigeonhole their brand of straight-up Heavy Metal, the music does the talking and speaks volumes.

Recorded with minimal tinkering, what you hear is as close to their live sound as possible, opener “Drowning In Dreams” has already been given the Worship Metal once-over (read our review here) but suffice to say it’s the EP’s standout track and the perfect choice for single release. Third track,”Icarus”, is equally huge and ignites a similar fire in the belly. Overflowing with hulking hooks and a bravura vocal performance from James Dawson, who’s clean vocals impress almost as much as his lion’s roar, “Icarus” is a riff-fest and perfect for mass-moshing-consumption.

The remaining tracks dial down the ferocity (a smidgen) and showcase the bands classic Metal tendencies. “Fade Away” incorporates Iron Maiden levels of dexterity and a cleanly sung chorus backed by a mechanised Fear Factory-esque rhythmic pummelling; calm and chaotic in equal measure. “Ten Bells” continues the tightrope balance of melody and savagery, Bleed Again exhibiting an uncanny knack for finding the euphonic within acerbic noise and penning choruses that are insistently catchy, ably backed by riffs that satisfy a Metallers need for music with bite.

The likes of While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow and Malefice have stiff competition, Bleed Again mean serious business.  8/10

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