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Edinburgh Metal Veteran TOMMY CONCRETE (ex-The Exploited ) Prepares To Release New Album Via UK label Trepanation Recordings!

For fans of: Ishahn, Killing Joke, Devin Townsend.....

Edinburgh heavy music veteran Tommy Concrete (The Exploited / Man Of The Hour) prepares to release his upcoming album, Unrelaxed 2, via UK label Trepanation Recordings.

Concrete’s seventh full-length offering will hit the streets on February 28th, 2020 in digital and CD formats. Produced by Bryan Ramage and featuring King Witch’s Laura Gilchrist on guest vocals, this ambitious work of progressive blackened doom deals with neurodiversity, ableism, and mental health empowerment.

As a preview of what Unrelaxed 2 has coming, Concrete is releasing a lyric video for the powerful track “Internalised Ableism”. Melding shades of Devin Townsend with brutal black metal stylings, the song is a chaotic look at what it’s like to fight yourself from the inside.


Worship Metal Verdict: A short, sharp enraged blast of progressive metal, Ihsahn sounding vocals, industrialised clanger and social commentary, Tommy Concrete is sounding as caustic – and as unrelaxed – as ever!

Tommy Concrete says of the ideas that inspired the album, “Ableism is discrimination and social prejudice about disabled folk. Internalised ableism is a form of self-hatred people can inadvertently have for themselves when they succumb to the pressures of living within an ableist society, workplace, family unit or music scene. I was diagnosed as autistic in 2015 and was at the time, depressed about this. I was patronised and looked down on by the majority, and for a while was down on myself. Then I discovered the neuro-diversity movement and became enlightened and empowered as I experienced an awakening. It was apparent to me that I had been suffering, not from being autistic, but from internalised ableism that had been surrounding me my entire life. I became empowered by the movement and ultimately politicised as an individual and an artist”.

Pre-order Unrelaxed 2, due for release on February 28th, 2019, here:


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