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Left For Red – Human Complex – Album Review

Groove Metal Monkeys from Dudley!

Spawned from an area that has heavy metal running right through it’s veins, Left For Red were born in 2010 in the West Midlands and were nourished by the records of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest (weren’t we all). In 2014, debut full-length album, All Things Known and Buried, arrived and 2019 sees them returning with their sophomore effort, Human Complex

A groove metal machine at heart, Left For Red are a band who know their way around a head-bobbing riff but the moody, almost post-metal, doom of opener “Dancing With Misery” proves to be somewhat of a misnomer. Left For Red are far more than shoe-gazing misery salesmen and when the thundering, high-tempo’s of “Switchblade Romance” kick in, it’s actually a welcome relief. With aggressive verses bleeding into a soaring chorus, “Switchblade Romance” is an undisputed album highlight, fully showcasing Left For Red’s penchant for forging songs full of both melody and metallic might.

The stoner grooves of “Slaves To Casuality” then add another layer of expression – with a stellar vocal performance from formidable frontman LC – before the upbeat groove of “Leech” aggressively stomps on your soft bits. Definitely not front-loaded, Human Complex is an album that just gets better and better as it progresses, with the howling “Hand Of God” and the delicate “The Storm” offering carnage and catharsis in equal measure. “Tame The Tides” then delivers the mother-load and could well be Left For Red’s finest moment to date.

These Black Country metallers are as solid as shit. While not necessarily spectacular, they’re so adept at churning out cracking tunes – with influences pulled from various metal sub genres – that you can’t help but grin, headbang, and join them for the ride! 7/10

Left For Red’s Human Complex is due for release on Saturday 6th April.

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