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Stoner Rock

Old Painless – Demo Songs – Review

April 8, 2024

Marching out of Manchester come Old Painless; stoner rock / metal dudes with a penchant for fuzzy riffs, gruff vocals and the kind of stoner grooves that’ll satisfy [...]

The Grand Mal – II – Album Review

November 6, 2022

Although they’ve been around since 2015, I’m somewhat humbled to say that The Grand Mal are a newish band to me. I’ve picked up the odd track due to the excellent APF [...]

Slowpoke – Slowpoke – Album Review

August 23, 2021

With aggressive growled vocals courtesy of Ben Chapman-Smith and Sabbathian psych-addled, stoner-doom riffs, Canada’s Slowpoke initially appear to have more in common [...]
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