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MAN IN THE WOODS Sign To Argonauta Records & Debut First Track From Upcoming Album + Single Review

Hard rockin', fuzz heavy, stoner space sludge....

Blurring the line between stoner rock, desert rock, sludge and doom metal, the Isle Of Man’s MAN IN THE WOODS transport their listeners to dystopian dark new worlds with their alchemic blend of old-school stoner riffs and sludgy intent.

Fusing together their critically acclaimed 2018-debut Badlands Part One with the band’s much anticipated successor, Badlands Part Two, the four-piece has inked a worldwide deal with Argonauta Records for the upcoming release of Badlands in its entirety!

Argonauta Records owner, Gero Lucisano, comments: “Massive riffage, and a volcanic sound, you can’t really stay insensible to Man In The Woods songs. I can definitely say it took me only a second to be overwhelmed by their hammering grooves and I am sure you will feel the same with their forthcoming full length. They are full of fire and attitude, and surely a great addition to our roster!”

“Icarus Landing” – Worship Metal Verdict

With its playful take on the sublime work of scene legends Kyuss (but with a sludgier edge), the first single taken from Man In The Woods‘ forthcoming full length album encapsulates everything that’s great about the stoner sub-genre.

From a misleadingly tranquil opening, “Icarus Landing” ironically takes flight when its hypnotic grooves, gruff vocals and fuzzy riffs force their way to the fore. The template may have long been set in stone but there’s no end of enjoyment still to be had when a band delivers on the promise of a good ol’ fashioned stoner groove. And Man In The Woods do deliver.

Fluid as liquid gold one minute, as raw as badly prepared steak tartare the next; Man Of The Woods have this stoner/sludge shit nailed.

On this evidence, Badlands is gonna be a blinder! 8/10

Badlands will be released during 2022 via Argonauta Records

Marc Vincent (bass/vocals)
James Oxtoby (guitar)
David Murray (guitar) 
Christian Hardman (drums)

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