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Monstroid – Set 2: Burnt Sky – Album Review

When the sky is aflame with stoner grooves, it can only mean that South African desert/stoner rockers Monstroid are back with another collection of fiery, fuzzy tunes!

Fans of Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Queens of The Stone Age will know what to expect and Monstroid do nothing to deviate from a winning formula. As indicated, with bass rumbling and grooves a-tumbling, Monstroid haven’t exactly sold their collective souls to the devil in order to tap into something ‘new’ in the desert rock / stoner rock arena….but at least they’ve conjured up one hell of an enjoyable experience for avid fans of the genre.

The album pays homage to the member’s childhood, steeped in 80s pop-culture and drenched in thick, fuzzy riffs and grooves.

“It’s easy to guess where we get the inspiration for our music. Our childhoods were filled with movies, TV shows and music from the 80s & 90s, which inspire many of the themes in the music and content we create. Nothing too heavy, just over easy, and sunny side up. So, get in your car, turn it up and head out onto the open road with us. You won’t be disappointed.” Says Andrew Pullen, rhythm, backing vocals and percussion.

You’re right fella, we’re not disappointed.

This is the kind of music you crank up and then sit back and just enjoy the ride. Uncomplicated and inoffensive, Set 2: Burnt Sky simply lets rip with track after track of pure stoner swing and thundering groove.

Bow down to the demons of FUZZ! 7/10

Monstroid Burnt Sky
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