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Labotomizer – After:Life – Album Review  

For fans of underground DIY Death Metal / Grindcore.....

UK brutalists Labotomizer released their debut full length on 31st March and this lurching brute of a release positively reeked of old-school death-grind and a DIY mentality that can mean only one thing….prepare to be flayed alive muthafuckers!

Some of these songs were written for what would have been the third Pray U Prey album (an album that sadly never saw the light of day) but, with After:Life, at least the band – in essence – lives on; albeit with a slight change in style and sound.

Less crust and more old-school death metal in nature, “Rearranging Entrails” and “The Labotomizer” may be purpose-built for those of us who like to chow down on the works of Cannibal Corpse but the overall impression here is of Assück levels of malodour and malevolence.

Fuck subtlety, these songs are abrupt and aggressive and as catchy as whatever the disease is that’s ravaged the poor cunts that adorn After:Life‘s suitably apocalyptic artwork.

This shit stinks. In a good way. In the right fuckin’ way!

At just over 20 mins, this fucker fair flies by in a flurry of frenzied riffs, mid-tempo grooves, grinding rhythms and guttural roars and the whole thing takes great pleasure in prehistorically pummeling those soft bits that love a good pummellin’. The stench is strong with this ‘un! 7/10

Vocals: F. Stench
Guitars: Q. Pulverizer.
Drums: Ajax Death
Bass: Jorgan Monés

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