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Master – On The Seventh Day God Created… Master – Album Re-Release Review

Bow down before your MASTER!

When it comes to death metal, Paul Speckmann (ex – Abomination, Death Strike, Speckmann Project, Johansson & Speckmann, ex – Krabathor) is a god amongst men and Master‘s second official full length album, On The Seventh Day God Created… Master (1991), remains a highpoint in what has been a formidable career…. one that is still going strong to this very day!

With Master historically operating primarily on the fringes of barbaric thrash, it’s most notable that On The Seventh Day God Created… Master found the band, in death metal terms at least, at both their most brutal and most technical. In fact, it could be argued that Master were at their most ‘polished’ here too; still capable of unleashing a tirade of blistering, primeval death metal but careful enough to allow the subtle nuances of each track to shine through. We say subtle because this is knuckle-dragging old-school death metal through and through. However, while vicious opener “What Kind Of God” remorselessly goes for the throat, “Latitudinarian” begins life as a more progressive deity before launching into caveman death metal of the highest quality. It’s all stupendously barbaric but backed by a fiendish sense of melody that would rarely rear its ugly head again.

It can be no coincidence that the last minute arrival of Cynic‘s Paul Masvidal on guitar helped push On The Seventh Day God Created… Master into the realms of ‘must-hear’ status. However, this was still very much Paul Speckmann’s show, with his triumphant guttural bellow effortlessly leading the charge.

With Hammerheart Records re-releasing this often under-appreciated death metal gem, now is the time to discover (or re-discover) its considerable charms. BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR MASTER! 8/10

Master – On The Seventh Day God Created...Master (1992, CD) - Discogs

Master‘s On The Seventh Day God Created… Master was re-released on August 26th, 2022 via Hammerheart Records.

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