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Worship Metal’s Podcast 001 – The Heaviest Song In The Universe!

Worship Metal’s NEW PODCAST is HERE! Yes, we’ve finally entered the 21st Century! You’ve been reading our words now listen to our faces!!

We’ve only gone an’ done a bloody Podcast!

That’s right, the team from Worship Metal are here to discuss the burning questions in metal music today. The questions we all want answered. The questions that keep us all up at night, wondering why-oh-why has no one bothered to come up with a solution to these soul-burning questions? Well, it’s all right here pals. Allow us three idiots from the Isle of Man to guide you through the fiery wastelands and moist swampy undergrowth of heavy music. And maybe, we can finally all Worship Metal together.

Our first topic is THE HEAVIEST SONG IN THE UNIVERSE …. how’s that for an opener, eh! Contentious? It’s sure to be. A great way to spend an hour of your time? No fuckin’ doubt about it!

WM Podcast 1 – The Heaviest Song In The Universe is AVAILABLE NOW!

You will be able to find it at the following links to all good purveyors of fine podcasting (more platforms to follow but we are going in gentle on you):



These links are active NOW. How exciting! You’ll finally get to hear the people you’ve been shouting at all these years…. and feel free to continue shouting at us, we welcome the feedback 🙂

Here’s a sneaky teaser….

As always, we wholeheartedly welcome all comments and criticisms (as long as they agree we are Gods amongst men, of course) and any suggestions for future podcast topics will be gladly received.

Speak to you soon, eh?

About Chris Jennings (1985 Articles)
I love metal. Always have. Always will. As editor of Worship Metal - a site dedicated to being as positive about metal and its myriad of sub-genres as possible - my aim is to 'worship' metal through honest reviews, current news and a wide variety of features; offering the same exposure to underground bands as we do to mainstream/well known acts. Our mantra; the bands are partners and we exist to serve the bands \m/

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