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Pray U Prey – The Omega Kill – Album Review

Pray for mercy.....

UK crust punk / death-grind deviants Pray U Prey are back with The Omega Kill, the follow-up to brutal debut Figure The 8 and it’s another dose of foul-tasting medicine that’ll have you coughing up bile; much like gurgling, razor-throated frontman Shrew!

Pray U Prey predominantly adhere to the ‘why play fast when you can play faster?’ school of philosophy and with the likes of “Hidden In Plain Sight” and “Internal External” whipping by in less time than it takes to change your soiled undergarments, The Omega Kill is one album that won’t have you watching the clock. When they do slow down – such as on the grinding “The Overlay Cracks” – Pray U Prey only get heavier, settling into an abrasive groove which ratlles the rib-cage and bothers the bowels with increasing intensity.

Best experienced in an abandoned, rat-infested factory on the wrong side of town (or your living room, whichever’s more convenient), The Omega Kill is as desolate, as without hope and as obliquely confrontational as they come.

The ideal soundtrack for 2021, then.

With little deviation from the blueprint, only fans of the most caustic of cacophony need apply. However, if the pioneering works of early Napalm Death, late 80’s O.L.D and Cannibal Corpse circa The Bleeding float your proverbial musical boat, then The Omega Kill is manna from heaven (or hell, or Gloucestershire).     

12 tracks. 29 minutes: nasty, nihilistic and unremittingly savage. Just the way we like it! 8/10

The Omega Kill was released on August 6th, 2021 via SelfMadeGod Records. Nip over to bandcamp and nab a copy!

The Omega Kill | PRAY U PREY | Selfmadegod
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