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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Master – Vindictive Miscreant

Bow down before your heroes!

The brainchild of metal mentor Paul Speckmann, Master need no introduction – at least they shouldn’t if you’ve had any interest in extreme metal since 1983! A quick summary; Master practically invented death metal. End of lecture.

Ironically, the sound they created over three decades ago isn’t far removed from the noise they’re making now. That is to say, Master are as resolutely old-school as they’ve always been. Which is a good thing! No one delivers this kind of thrashy death metal better than Master and their strict adherence to time-honoured codes has always lent them a timeless appeal. Rest assured, Vindictive Miscreant is no exception.

Death thrash by numbers this ain’t but Master also cannot be accused of taking the genre into uncharted territory; they leave that particular job to the thousands and thousands of bands who have followed in their wake. So, don’t launch yourself into this release expecting experimentation as each track sticks to virtually the same formula throughout (fans will know that this is nothing new), but it’s this adherence to a bludgeoning, no-bullshit attack which makes Vindictive Miscreant so rewarding in an age of unrelenting technical wankery.

You listen to Master in order to experience a primitive deathly thrashing onslaught comparable to no other, and the likes of “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” (an apt description of Master’s career) and “The Book” will not disappoint. “Engulfed In Paranoia” plays with the unrelenting pace a little – offering a respite from the bludgeoning by adding elements of groove – but it soon dive-bombs into a punky blitzkrieg…..and all is as it should be.

Lyrically, Paul Speckmann has always advocated plain-speaking and the song titles alone indicate his outlook has not shifted. Neither overly political nor overly preachy there’s a refreshing unambiguity to his style and the same can be said for his bile-inflected delivery which remains as gargling-ly glorious as ever. His is an unmistakable voice and time has not ravaged his vomit-like utterances one iota.

As is obvious, Master – and Lord Speckmann – have nothing left to prove and therefore 8 tracks of snarling, savage mayhem is all that’s required. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Vindictive Miscreant delivers. In 2018, the Motörhead of death metal would be the most apt honour we could bestow on Master…..and we have a feeling they’d be more than ok with that title! 8/10

Master’s Vindictive Miscreant is due for release on 28th November 2018 via Transcending Obscurity Records (so you’re in for a long wait but patience will be rewarded)! Pre-order now!

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