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Defy The Curse – Horrors of Human Sacrifice – Album Review

Just try defying 'em!

Featuring current and former members of such Dutch metal underground legends as Legion of the Damned, Mangled, and Inhume, newly congealed outfit, Defy The Curse, aim to buzzsaw their way through their listeners with their debut album, Horrors of Human Sacrifice.

Immediately making an impact with thunderous drum patterns and a crusty Entombed-esque vibe, opening track “Leading into the Realm of Torment” contains all you need to know about this band in just under 2 minutes. Defy The Curse inhabit the world of crusty HM-2 death metal and they ain’t about to deviate from the blueprint!

“Existence Consumed” sounds like a future pit favourite with its brutal charging nature while “The Tower of Suffering” is an undisputed highlight; featuring a really nice doomy-blues riff at its core (Asphyx, anyone?) and pairs wonderfully with the almost cinematic nature of “Endless Curse”.

As the album continues in its short but swift approach, the trio of “Swarms”, “The Oppressor” and the title track, “Horrors of Human Sacrifice”, take a methodical – yet pleasing – OSDM approach, with the band pushing ahead like a zombie outbreak into “Eidolon of the Blind; which for us is the heaviest track of the album. And yes, there was a chef’s kiss action made when “Desolate Void” fired through the speakers!

With often majestic guitar tones, Horrors Of Human Sacrifice is straight-up aggression that comes in sweeping waves of HM-2 carnage! 7/10

Defy the Curse - Horrors of Human Sacrifice Review | Angry Metal Guy

Defy The Curse‘s Horrors Of Human Sacrifice was released on January 13th, 2023 via Hammerheart Records

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