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Pestilent Age – Unwavering Futility – EP Review

Unwavering death metal!

Unwavering Futility is the work of Michigan’s Pestilent Age and, as perhaps indicated by the hideous accompanying cover-art (that’ll sure get you some attention lads!), this is pretty standard death metal stuff that chugs and growls along nicely without once attempting to fuck with the tried and tested old-school death metal template.

And that’s fine.

Old-school death metal is old-school death metal and Unwavering Futility is serviceable stuff. Taylor Sharpe’s gutturals do the job, the riffs are relatively primitive and induce moments of involuntary head-banging (always a good sign) and there’s no technical tomfoolery to bother the neanderthal part of your brain that seems to laps up this kind of brutal and basic death metal when its offered.

Anywho, it doesn’t sound as if the band are aiming for a transcendent, revolutionary experience if their own description is anything to go by – “if old school death metal butt fucked melodic death metal and had a retarded child who engaged in a bit of incest with thrash metal the resulting abortion might sound similar to Pestilent Age”….and who are we to argue with such a vivid, gag-inducing description.

All in all, a quick enjoyable listen from a band who may be trying a little too hard to be ‘evil’, but ably provide that quick jolt of death metal aggression we all need from time to time! 6/10

Pestilent Age – Unwavering Futility
Released: January 7th 2021


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