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Protector – A Shedding Of Skin – Album Reissue Review

Still strips skin from bone.....

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Thirty years ago cult German death-thrash band Protector released their third and most wonderfully corrosive album, titled A Shedding Of Skin, and Holy Roller Records have re-released and remastered this classic slab of intense metal so that the metal freaks of the globe can hear it with a heavier and clearer sound!

Protector have been around since 1986 and they had already unleashed two solid metal albums, in the shape of Golem (1988) and Urm The Mad (1989), by the time their third release A Shedding Of Skin arrived in 1991. Of course, German metal titans Kreator, Sodom and Destruction had already made their name by ’91 – with the death metal revolution also already in full swing – and, sadly, it seems that Protector (and A Shedding Of Skin) never received the press that they deserve, especially in the U.S.

Comprised of 13 snarling, slashing tracks originally produced by master Producer Harris Johns (famed for producing classic albums by Kreator, Voivod, Sodom amongst many others), A Shedding Of Skin may sound slightly antiquated thirty years later but, in 1991, Protector had harnessed the perfect blend of thrash heaviness and death metal intensity…..resulting in an album of considerable force.

With very little variety or subtlety on display, A Shedding Of Skin skins you alive and is, overall, an intensely enjoyable album. Fans of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction who haven’t experienced A Shedding Of Skin‘s delights will undoubtedly salivate uncontrollably upon getting their claws on this under-appreciated classic….and thanks to Holy Roller Records now is as good a time as any! 7/10

PROTECTOR - A Shedding of Skin LP
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