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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – SIJJIN – Sumerian Promises

Promise fulfilled....

In the void left by German death metal giants Necros Christos (who called it quits in 2020), SIJIIN have arrived with their debut full-length LP, Sumerian Promises on Sepulchral Voice Records. This tremendous album is steeped in the history of classic extreme metal and finds the perfect blend between Necros Christos’ unique sound and a less opulent death and black metal style.

SIJJIN follow up their excellent 2019 demo, Angel of the Eastern Gate, with a sharper and more polished sound on Sumerian Promises. The German-Spanish trio is led by former Necros Christos multi-instrumentalist Malte Gericki, whose distinctively harsh vocals and driving bass are a foundation of the band. Ekaitz Garmendia joins Gericki on some seriously talented guitar and Iván Hernández, also from Necros Christos, blasts away on the drums.

SIJJIN take you on a journey of what classic extreme metal is all about with eleven songs that are inimitable and written with razor sharp precision. At once the album has both the old school death metal allure of classic bands like Rotting Christ (in their 90’s era) and Morbid Angel, with the sonic power of an album recorded in 2021 (without too much polish).

SJIIN launch into unrestrained fury with first song “Daemon Blessex” – replete with blackened thrash groove – and they keep up the pace with “Dagger of a Thousand Deaths”, featuring some Morbid Angel-like twists and turns as Garmendia unleashes Trey Azagthoth-influenced guitar blasts. “Those Who Wait To Enter” slows the pace down a tad and continues with the Morbid Angel influences while “Hunting The Lizard” is a lovely little instrumental classical guitar piece, one that provides some much needed rest for the wicked and weary. Unsurprisingly, the rest of Sumerian Promises is all killer and absolutely no filler.

Following no trends and standing on its own as an epic testament to the power of classic extreme metal, Sumerian Promises is simply one of the best death metal albums released in quite some time. Truly a timeless blackened occult masterpiece by three gifted creators. 9/10

Sijjin‘s Sumerian Promises was released on November 12th, 2021 via Sepulchral Voice Records.

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