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Nekrofilth – Worm Ritual – Album Review

Enter the mouth of the worm.....

Although it’s been five years since NEKROFILTH‘s debut album – 2013’s critically acclaimed Devil’s Breath – arrived on the scene, that’s not to say the band have been sitting idle.

No sir! 

A steady stream of split releases with the likes of CIANIDE, Gravehill, Butcher ABC, Weapönizer and Necrocanibalistic Vomitorium have kept them in the limelight (that should probably read, ‘wallowing  in the gutter’) but it’s a new album we really wanted….and it’s a new album we finally have!

15 songs in just half an hour indicates one thing…..we’re still in Repulsion territory (with more than a little Hellhammer, Possessed, early-Carcass and Autopsy thrown in) as Nekrofilth go about their noisy business in suitably grisly fashion.

Defiling all in their path, Nekrofilth’s gnarly, nasty, cacophonous sound is an odorous ode to death, violence, gore and insanity. Built on the foundations of thrash, grind, punk and death metal, each genre element is reduced to its base form and the endless barrage of riffs found on the likes of the 47 second “Severed Eyes” are simple, thrashy and as raw as a maggot-infested open wound.

The hellish opening of “Unbirthed” and the Autopsy-esque hardcore punk meets death/doom meets Hawkwind (really!) of “Gutter Oil” aside, there’s not much in the way of deviation – with the majority of Worm Ritual passing by in a blitzkrieg of hyper extremity. Not that that’s a problem, of course! Shit like this needs to be an assault on the senses and Nekrofilth certainly don’t mind assaulting every fibre of your being.

We advise you to embrace this filthy scum before they turn your rotting cadaver into a ritual for the worms. It’s probably safer that way! 7/10

NEKROFILTH lineup 2018
Zack Ripper – guitar / vox
Disgustin Justin – bass
Shaggy – drums

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present Nekrofilth’s Worm Ritual, due for release on 28th December 2018 on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats.

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