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Odium – As The World Turns Black – Album Review

The world turns black and Odium turn 25!

Next year, Frankfurt melodic thrashers ODIUM hit the 25 year mark and they’re celebrating with the release of their 10th album, As The World Turns Black.

Things start off brightly, the album seriously front-loaded with its best tracks with “The End Of Everything” and “Point Of No Return” offering plenty of chug for your buck alongside some highly melodic and pretty damn catchy phrasing.

Unfortunately, it goes downhill rather quickly from there. “No Goodbye” is the kind of plodding power/thrash that even Anvil would consider throwing in the ‘too dumb to bother with pile’ and ultimately goes nowhere and while there’s talk of revolution, on the aptly named “Revolution”, there’s not enough fire in its belly to warrant a minor disagreement….never mind an uprising!

“Frozen World” adds a little muscle but lacks any real identity and it’s this lack of discernible differences between each track which is the most difficult hurdle to overcome; Odium certainly can play, they’re just not playing anything that captures the imagination anywhere near enough!

Let’s face it, if you’re after melodic Teutonic thrash in 2017 then Kreator’s Gods Of Violence is going to be your first port of call and while Odium are blatantly good enough and experienced enough to deliver a diverting set of songs, it’s fair to say that As The World Turns Black is not an album that lingers long in the memory. 5/10

Odium - As the world....

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