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Celebrating 20 Years Of GORGUTS’ Extraordinary Album, From Wisdom To Hate!

From wisdom to technical death metal nirvana!

Gorguts’ 4th album, From Wisdom To Hate, was released on March 6th, 2001.

You can keep all your deathcore and pig-squealing pretensions, Canada’s Gorguts have always been the future of death metal….and the past.

Born during death metal’s prime, the band would progress from relatively standard, yet well performed, beginnings on their 1991 debut Considered Dead to a band bravely forging their own path with the progressively-minded The Erosion Of Sanity (1993) before creating their own language with 1998’s Obscura and 2001’s From Wisdom To Hate; arriving at a destination known only to them in the process.

Gorguts and band mastermind Luc Lemay have always spoken in a virtually unrecognisable musical dialect – one that is unencumbered by tradition and completely transcendent in its chaotically dissonant complexity – and From Wisdom To Hate was arguably the first time Gorguts’ barbaric bedlam was presented in a such a succinct and accessible(!) manner.

Maniacally toying with death metal’s building blocks, From Wisdom To Hate‘s 8 tracks reshaped the genre’s foundations amidst discordant guitar leads and harmonic wails while other, equally foreign, atonal noises pushed and shoved against changing tempos and whiplash-inducing time signatures, all while remaining suitably concise and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Completely mystifying and utterly essential, From Wisdom To Hate may be 20 years old but it still sounds light-years ahead of the pack!

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