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Baest – Necro Sapiens – Album Review

The OSDM revival continues....

Danish death metal deviants Baest return with album number 3, the brutish and bold-as-brass, Necro Sapiens.

Let’s be honest, Baest’s influences are so obvious that every review of Necro Sapiens will draw attention to classic Swedish death metal comparisons – with more than a little prime Dismember, Bloodbath and Grave providing tutorage – but it’s worth noting that, as far as OSDM goes, Baest are at their very best here; stepping up and delivering a stripped-back lesson in old-school death metal brutality for un-schooled pupils of the genre.

……and there’s not really much more we can say.

If you enjoyed Mikael Åkerfeldt’s time in Bloodbath (circa debut album, Resurrection Through Carnage) then you’ll get a kick out of Simon Olsen’s Åkerfeldt-aping growls.

And, if you still spin Dismember and Grave’s early 90’s material on a regular basis, Necro Sapiens will leave you grinning.

So, take Necro Sapiens at face value and you’ll have a great time. Go in expecting something challenging and innovating and you’ll leave disappointed. We suggest you do the former and simply enjoy the retro ride! 7/10

Baest’s Necro Sapiens is available NOW via Century Media

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