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Wardomized – Red Death (Flows Through My Veins) – EP Review

Early 90's death metal flows through their veins!

Red Death (Flows Through My Veins) is the second EP from Northern Ireland’s Wardomized and these deathly grinders have grabbed Napalm Death round the throat and dumped them into The Octagon to face off against Autopsy; a tasty little match-up that sums up the old-school approach of these bruisers!

Embracing a rather primitive style, these buckfast drinking savages like nothing better than to bludgeon a skull-stomping riff around your noggin until your nose bleeds brain fragments. Sounds great, right?!

We’ll answer that question for you. It fuckin’ is great and there’s something uniformly agreeable about the kind of metal Wardomized peddle.

Warmly nostalgic in its simplistic brutality, the late 80’s/early 90’s output of those bands who had a major part to play in ushering the era of death metal are notable influences. There’s a little death/doom Autopsy about “Nothing Left” while opener, “Tied to Machines”, finds vocalist Stephen Mckeown delivering his finest Barney Greenway impression, circa Harmony Corruption.

It’s like 1990 all over again! 7/10



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