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Hitten – Triumph & Tragedy – Album Review

All triumph, no tragedy!

Hey you! Yeah you! The metalhead with their head forever buried in the darkness of the grave, you need to lighten up and Hitten’s classic metal is a perfect antidote to the sickness that ails you my friend. With plenty of mid-eighties Scorpions and 80’s euro metal influences, this Spanish five-piece capture the fun and balls-out rock of that era with their third opus, Triumph & Tragedy (and second album on High Roller).

These five Spaniards have a huge, arena-friendly metal sound and they have forged plenty of catchy songs with whopping choruses on Triumph & Tragedy. What Hitten may lack in originality they more than make up for in sheer talent and awesome song writing skills. In fact, they could have been plucked out of the classic 1986 metal scene and dropped into 2021, just to get us miserable people to lighten the fuck up, re-learn how to pump our fists in the air like proper classic metalheads and re-learn how to live life with positive reckless abandon. Feel better about yourselves? You should do!

The production on Triumph & Tragedy is monumental, clear and perfect with every instrument sounding powerful. In particular, Hitten’s lead guitarists Dani Meseguer and Johnny Lorca rip on twin lead attacks that are worthy of Judas Priest’s K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton’s upmost respect. Singer Alexx Panza has the vocal talent of singers like Scorpions Klaus Meine or Joe Lynn Turner and hits every note with passionate precision.

With the not-so-cleverly titled but catchy “Built To Rock”, the heckle-raising “Core of the Flame” and epic eleven minute album closer “Triumph and Tragedy”, you really can’t lose with Hitten if your love for memorable 80’s-style metal remains true. 8/10

Hitten‘s Triumph & Tragedy is due for release on November 26th, 2021 via Holy Roller Records.

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