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Memory Garden – 1349 – Album Review (In Case You Missed It In 2021)

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Memory Garden might not be as famous as fellow Swedes Candlemass….but they should be. Just one spin of their latest mighty doom metal opus 1349 should attest to that, and fans of both traditional metal and doom metal should take note: for 58 minutes, this Swedish quintet takes you on a mellifluous and doomy trek into the dark depths of plague-riddled Europe with a concept album that’s perfect for our Covid-19 infected world!

1349 is Memory Garden’s sixth full length and has all the elements of a classic metal album with plenty of memorable melodies and choruses, backed by incredible musicianship and a huge and heavily perfect production courtesy of the immensely talented Swedish Producer Dan Swano. It’s worth checking out their two excellent videos for the tracks “1349” and “The Empiric” (which also features Swedish metal band Wolf’s vocalist Niklas Stålvind) that fit perfectly with Memory Garden’s dark vibe.

Along with the impressive guitar talents of Simon Johansson and Andreas Mäkelä, one of Memory Garden’s highlights is singer Stefan Berglund who has the kind of incredible power and range to rival the likes of ex-Candlemass crooner Messiah Marcolin and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. Throughout 1349, Berglund’s vocals soar and complement Johansson’s and Mäkelä’s intricate guitar work perfectly. 

For those in need of memorable heaviness and great songwriting, 1349 was just what the plague doctor has ordered. The stellar cover art by Hjules speaks to the epic majestic-ness of the album and whether you’re a fan of classic metal or amazing doom, you need this Memory Garden album in your collection. 10/10

Memory Garden‘s 1349 was released on December 17th, 2021 via No Remorse Records

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