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Gunjack – The Third Impact – Album Review

Third time is not quite the charm!

Gunjack are Motörhead. They’re not a bit like ‘em. They’re not trying to be like them. They are Motörhead. Even the singer is a doppelgänger for Lemmy…..in looks and voice! To be honest, it’s fuckin’ annoying. Emulating your heroes is one thing but this is absurd. If we want to listen to Motörhead we’ll go and listen to fuckin’ Motörhead. So, why would we ever need Gunjack?  

Rant over. Better offer something constructive for the sake of parity. Gunjack’s 3rd album, The Third Impact, is overlong – 14 bloody tracks (which sound a lot like Motörhead, did we mention that?) – and not an ounce of originality in any of them. Damn it! We’ve done it again. Positives. Must find positives. 

“Twirling on Your Grave” is a thing. The title mimics Motörhead’s “Dancing On Your Grave”. How clever. That sounded sarcastic. Damn it! 

Gunjack’s love for Motörhead is obviously pure and true. We get it. We love and miss Lemmy / Motörhead too. But, this whole venture – and we are on to album number 3 remember – just seems so damn pointless. To be fair, Gunjack do an impressive impression of Lemmy and the boys and, at the very least, we have to acknowledge that this is all new material and not covers. But, what’s the fuckin’ point? We can’t get past it. It’s ruined the whole thing. We’re gonna go and listen to Overkill or Bomber again. You could listen to Gunjack’s “Heart Of Tank” if you like. It sounds a lot like Motörhead. Damn it! 3/10

Gunjack‘s The Third Impact was released independently on February 2nd, 2022.

Gunjack - The Third Impact (2022) - METAL JUKEBOX
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