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All Consumed – Rise Of The Godless – Album Review

Old-school death metal!

Preston based UK death metallers All Consumed have a habit of putting out no thrills, old-school death metal albums which fully appreciate the joy of a good ol’ fashioned filthy groove. We’re now on to album number three and Rise Of The Godless continues the trend while also proving to be their most succinct set of songs yet.

There’s a lot to be said for a band that knows exactly what’s expected of them and goes on to deliver it relentlessly (Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse and Unleashed get it) and All Consumed are of a similar breed. Mostly mid-tempo and overflowing with catchy as fuck vocal hooks, this is the sound of 90’s death metal revamped for a modern audience and Rise Of The Godless is simply a killer death metal record designed to maim and mutilate with pinpoint proficiency.

The sick grooves come thick and fast, the gutturals flow like thick, thick lava and the undeniable need to bang that head to each and every one of Rise Of The Godless’ 10 tracks is overwhelmingly persuasive.

Highlights? We’ll single out the no-nonsense immediacy of “Through Violence Worship” and the crushing chug of “Limbless”, songs which provide more than enough of an indication of where All Consumed are at.

No complaints here. 8/10

All Consumed’s Rise of the Godless was released on June 18th, 2021. Nip over to Bandcamp and nab a copy!

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