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Deadspawn – Pestilence Reborn – Album Review

They have such sights to show you...

Deadspawn are fuckin’ nasty; inhumanely vicious even. They’re certainly malevolent and maladjusted, intent on maiming at will with their sound that ably mixes vile visions and exquisite torture into a steaming cesspool of raging blackened death metal!

Around since 2009, only now do we greet the hellish sights of their debut album, Pestilence Reborn, and this extreme metal cavalcade of caustic death metal which, while not breaking new ground, maintains much more than just a solid interest as it takes us on a journey of both pleasure and pain.

Tremelo riffs and hellhound atmospherics abound as Deadspawn seemingly draw from the darkest of arts (specifically the work of Clive Barker) to deliver their message and the resulting pandemonium is, at times, exquisite.

Deadspawn have opened a door and now they’re walking with demons. Care to join them? 7/10

For fans of: Morbid Angel | Lord Belial | Hate | Belphegor

Deadspawn– Pestilence Reborn
Independent Release
Released on  January 11th, 2020

Pop on over to Deadspawn’s bandcamp and grab yourself a copy of Pestilence Reborn:

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