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Kings Never Die – Raise A Glass – EP Review

All for one, one for all!

When it comes to a tight-knit scene, old-school hardcore is famous for everyone knowing everyone! So, it should come as no surprise that veterans from Murphy’s Law, Mucky Pup and Dog Eat Dog have teamed up to raise their collective glasses under the guise of Kings Never Die; a collision of classic hardcore steeped in tradition and bloody-knuckled conviction.

This is straight to your face NYHC, delivered by a band of brothers who intrinsically understand what is expected of them. Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo of Agnostic Front even pop up on the title track as Kings Never Die reminisce of times gone by with their tongue set firmly in their cheek. Elsewhere, you’ll be confronted with back to basics hardcore built on juicy slabs of chug and a tough as fuck demeanour that never fails to get the blood pumping.

Raise A Glass is nuthin’ new but then it doesn’t set out to be…..so get ’em in the air and salute the old school as, on this evidence, its here to stay! 6/10

Kings Never Die are:

Vocals – Dylan Gadino
Guitars – Larry Nieroda (Murphy’s Law, Stigma)
Guitars – Dan Nastasi (Dog Eat Dog, Mucky Pup)
Drums – John Milnes (Mucky Pup)
Bass – Jay Kaflin (Sub Zero, Son of Sam)


1. Before My Time
2.  Never Know What You Might Find
3. Raise A Glass (featuring Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo of Agnostic Front)
4. The Juice

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