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Helpless – Debt – Album Review

Do not be in debt to these guys, they're armed to the teeth and ready to collect!

An exhausting 10 song expedition into destructive dissonance, Helpless’ Debt – the debut album from these UK grinders – is a savage stab of brutality; personified by high-octane blasts of short, sharp, sonically devastating songwriting.

Helpless take the more ferocious moments of Cult Leader, the “turn-on-a-dime musical dexterity of Breather Resist” (nicked from the press release but its too accurate to fuck with) and throw in more than a smidgen of Napalm Death to deliver a sonic maelstrom that eclipses most of what is considered ‘extreme’ in 2017!

Despite Debt‘s brief 21 minutes and 40 seconds runtime, Helpless have much to say and their smart, aggressive, whip-crack barrage of sound is positively apocalyptic. It’s also terrifyingly apt considering today’s political and social climate.

Its been a long time since an album from a UK band has hit as hard as this. In fact, Debt is so corrosively impressive we’ll liken it to the groundbreaking albums delivered by Botch (We Are The Romans) and Converge (Jane Doe). Too far? Take a listen and see if you disagree. Helpless are fully formed, fully fucked off and ready for the fight.

Do not be in debt to these guys, they’re armed to the teeth and ready to collect! 9/10

This unholy roar is ironically being released via Holy Roar Records on September 8th!


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