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The Nimbwits – End Of The World – Album Review

It's the end of the world as we know it....

Who the fuck are The Nimbwits? Well, that’s easy….after founding the legendary Danish thrash metal band Artillery in 1982 (if you don’t know Artillery and you’re a thrash fan then you need to take a long hard look at yourself), drummer Carsten Kjær Nielsen felt he had to close the circle and go back to his roots. And, that meant playing good ol’ punk rock, just like he did back in the late 70’s and early 80’s!

And, that’s exactly what The Nimbwits are, they’re an old-school punk band….and they’re a fuckin’ good one too!!

They may be “older and uglier” (their description not ours, we haven’t met ’em, let alone judged their appearance) but this punk rock wrecking-ball plays proper punk; dripping in sweat, covered in bile and giving the middle finger to anyone who dares tell ’em how they should be living their lives.

However, piss, shit and bravado does not a good album make….but then these lads sure can play, so that ain’t a problem!

Unleashing an unholy racket of melodic d-beat with metallic tendencies (possibly even suicidal ones), The Nimbwits have looked to Bad Religion, The Exploited and Rancid for inspiration but they’ve also nicked a little of the, not so slyly-referenced, crossover sound of Suicidal Tendencies. So much so that the riff of “Sirense” is a blatant re-working of ST’s “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow?”. But it’s a great riff, so who gives a shit, right!

As mentioned, there’s still a shit-tonne of metal to The Nimbwits sound – the offensively named “A Rape In The Night” chugs like a proto-thrash classic in the making – but the energy purveyed is pure punk. While they may not have the bodies of young men anymore, they certainly have the heart, the soul, the spirit and the minds of young men….and that’s what makes punk anyway. It’s a mindset.

And, our minds are set.

End Of The World is pure punk pleasure from start to finish! 8/10

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