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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Twelve Boar – No Forgiveness

That's rock 'n roll, that's how it goes!

The UK’s pre-eminent metal n’ rollers are back, with a slight change to their name (XII Boar have now brushed aside their love of Roman numerals) but their sound remains as resolutely joyous as ever!

Choosing to work once again with renowned producer Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio (home of UK doom legends Conan), No Forgiveness follows hot on the heels of last year’s critically acclaimed Beyond The Valley of The Triclops and 2015’s equally praised Pitworthy, an album we said would “have you grinning like a gap-toothed redneck high on his own supply”.

Well, keep on grinning as Twelve Boar have 9 tracks of southern-fried, booty-shakin’, black-tooth chuggin’, cowboys from hell (aka Aldershot) styled bandit metal to share with ya’ll….and it’s time to fuckin’ party!

Opener “Hellspeed Truckin'”, is a pedal to the metal opener that blasts forth from your speakers like a bobcat on heat while “Panama” (not a cover of the Van Halen classic, although Twelve Boar would undoubtedly blast seven shades of shit out of it!) showcases a more introspective side as it bleeds into the Southern metal stomp of “All The Heavy Griftin'”. Need a gruff Skynyrd/Creedence-esque semi-ballad in your life? Twelve Boar even provide that with the title track, a song that rides roughshod over the dusty plains of Aldershot with Twelve Boar’s posse (probably just some mates from down the pub) in tow.

The UK’s answer to Clutch are almost indescribably awesome, they’re party-fiends who instinctively know how to deliver whiskey-drenched, bar room brawl starting odes to Southern rock and metal. From the mid-song groove on “Elders From The Deep” – which is groovy enough to shake your hips loose from their sockets – to ‘hit single’ “Snake On A Lead” each track is solid gold. So, there’s no need to spend hours panning for the sparkly stuff, the rock/metal treasure you’re after is right here on No Forgiveness…..and it’s all good baby, it’s all good! 9/10

No Forgiveness is due for release on Friday 8th September 2017.

Pre-order’s are available now!

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