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Bleed Again – Momentum – Album Review

Momentum sustained......

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Bleed Again have been steadily improving since their first EP arrived back in 2012 and UK metal/metalcore fans now have a full length album to sink their teeth into. Incidentally, Momentum is an apt title. Bleed Again have been picking up speed for a few years now, climbing the ranks and working extremely hard and their increased exposure is testament to this.

With a real focus on melody, it would be misleading to say that Bleed Again have ‘matured’ on this release when they’ve simply honed their sound. The expected colossal breakdowns, mosh-pit mangling riffs and soaring, memorable choruses all have their time in the sun – and these have been finessed compared to prior releases – but it’s the overall atmosphere and ‘can do’ attitude that leaves a lasting impression. At the core of this album lies a hard-edged positivity, the kind of defy all odds mentality Hatebreed always deliver so well, that manages to ooze menace while still maintaining a deft touch; revealing all manner of intricacies beneath layers of pure power and propulsive thrust. There are songs on Momentum that’ll have you windmilling round the living room and there are songs that contain moments of introspection. A neat balancing act, deftly delivered. The subtle reworking of a couple of songs from Bleed Again’s 2015 self-titled EP also proves to be a canny move, adding layers to songs that already hit hard and now land killer blows with “Drowning In Dreams” proving as exquisite as ever!

Performances are strong throughout but this is metalcore so the vocals are always going to be under scrutiny. Suffice to say, James Dawson’s sandpaper throat is used to maximum effect – his array of shouts, screams and growls all have their place and are utilised to greater effect than ever – and the clean vocals of bassist Jon Liffen provide the perfect counterbalance….particularly on the spine-tingling “Heart Of Darkness” and “Through My Eyes”.

Overall, these 10 tracks might not achieve the heights of perfection reached by the giants of metal but this is a monumental step in the right direction for Bleed Again and Bury Tomorrow and While She Sleeps should be glancing nervously over their shoulders!

Momentum sustained. 7/10

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