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Torqued – Forgotten Soul / Open Wound – Singles Review

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Utilising more deadly hooks than Bob Hoskins in The Long Good Friday, Torqued have burst out of the darkest depths of the UK’s deep, deep South (you know, Devon) with 2 tracks of nu metal-esque, groove metal powered by a twisted sense of crushing, suffocating force.

This is dark stuff, fuelled by the daily struggles of life and you get the sense that this is more than just a cathartic release for this 3-piece, it’s a fucking necessity if survival is the ultimate goal.

“Forgotten Soul” kicks off with full on, white-hot, groove metal intensity and feels like Pantera and American Head Charge in a blender. The result is abrasively heavy as this beast grinds you into the dust with its sheer force and barrelling rhythms. Frankly, it’s over too quick but then there’s only so much blunt force trauma anyone can take! 8/10

“Open Wound” similarly rolls through you but delivers a little – just a little – more melody alongside its muscle. Torqued really open up here and deliver quite the epic and hearing Marc Cleave wring wrought emotion from his core is affecting, bruising and totally in-keeping with Torqued’s modus operandi. 7/10

As an introduction to Torqued, these 2 tracks are an indication that some truly ferocious material is on the horizon. The album could be a mutherfuckin’ monster!

Torqued are:

Dave – Guitar, Vocals, Backing vocals
Marc – Bass, Vocals, Backing vocals
Kurt – Drums, Percussion, Backing vocals

Find Torqued online:
Website: www.torqued.co.uk
facebook: www.facebook.com/Torquedband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/torquedband
Instagram: www.instagram.com/p/BKdQtyfDpIh/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCnEZPEZPeom9TDhm3nXM7kg

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