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Devastator – Devastator – Demo Review


Devastator are a four-piece blackened thrash metal horde from Derbyshire, and they’re so resolutely in thrall to the extreme metal of the mid 80’s that if this filth had been released in 1984, we’d all be strapping on our bullet belts and salivating uncontrollably.

We can’t imagine Devastator sounding any better even if this wasn’t a demo. However, you don’t ‘compose’ this kind of unearthly racket with a crystal clear production in mind and Devastator‘s charm lies in in its antiquated, lo-fi,  “merciless onslaught” of untamed blackened thrash extremity!

With a blackened rasp informing much of the vocals, its refreshing to occasionally hear a proto-death metal growl amidst Devastator’s endless array of widdly riffs, raw percussive clatter and brutal thrash. Of course, the whole thing is beyond familiar but that doesn’t make this great demo any less enthralling.

With equal amounts of black metal jostling with the earliest strains of thrash, fans of early Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Morbid Visions-era Sepultura will sure get a kick out of Devastator’s unrefined blasts of primal noise.

Devastating! 7/10

Don’t just take our word for it. Nip over to bandcamp and have a listen for yourselves!

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