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Syth – Road To Infinity – Album Review

Take the road to glorious heavy metal!

Released towards the end of last year, Syth‘s Road To Infinity initially passed us by here at Worship Metal. However, we have now rectified this, frankly horrendous, mistake and we feel all the better for it!

Hailing from sunny Glasgow, Syth play modern sounding, traditional heavy metal with a definite nod towards Bruce Dickinson’s solo catalogue….and with Bruce Bruce having seemingly turned his back on his solo career, this is as good as fans of his work are going to get in the current climate.

Starting off with short atmospheric instrumental “End Of The Road”, it takes Road To Infinity‘s subsequent title track for the album to really prove its mettle. A soaring, crunching, battle-cry, it’s an outstanding slab of prime heavy metal and, somehow, things only improve as the album moves on!

The stunning “Defiance”, which is full to the brim with thunderous riffs and a stunning vocal performance from Dave Bisset – who is on imperious form throughout incidentally, throwing out one sublime melody after another – nails Iron Maiden to the wall while “My Bitterness” batters and bruises but is tempered by moments of prime Dickinson melody.

The album belongs to the vocals of Dave Bisset but guitarists Niall Russell and Barry Fitzsimmons also mark themselves out as a formidable duo, throwing out dual harmonies like they’re going out of fashion and providing a stunning backdrop for Bisset’s exemplary vocals.

Rumour has it that Road to Infinity, may be Syth’s swansong. If this turns out to be the case, consider it an absolute travesty and, if true, you can at least be damn sure the band are going out on a monstrous high! Simply put, Road To Infinity is one of the best British metal albums we’ve heard in a long, long time and Syth could find that their time has finally come. 9/10

Syth’s Road To Infinity was released on December 21st, 2018. Go check it out, NOW!

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