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Lifelong Heavy Metal fan. First got into Quo and Leppard, when I was 9 or so I first heard Megadeth and that was me hooked

Album Of The Week – Cancervo – II

February 7, 2023

Hailing from the Bergamo region of Italy, Cancervo have been in existence since 2020 and are heavily influenced by the folklore of their home region, especially the mountain [...]

Iron Void – IV – Album Review

January 9, 2023

Having released their previous album Excalibur back in the distant pre-covid times of 2018, UK trad doom metallers Iron Void have finally returned with their fourth album, [...]

Eremit – Desert Of Ghouls – EP Review

September 24, 2020

Two years on from their debut album Carrier Of Weight and German doomsters Eremit return to the fray with a new two track EP, titled Desert of Ghouls. With only two tracks [...]
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