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71TonMan – Of End Times – Album Review

Heavy. Very heavy.

71Ton Man? That’s a big fella. That’s some insurmountable heft to drag around! With a name like that you’d expect the music to match in terms of gargantuan ferocity and, to that end, Of End Times does not disappoint. Positioning themselves painfully between the worlds of ultra-slow death/doom and oppressive sludge metal, 71TonMan’s latest foray into all things fetid and filthy is an exercise in prime heaviness in its rawest form.

Fans of Primitive Man, Conan and Inter Arma will no doubt get a kick out of Of End Times’ weighty riffs (which probably clock in at 71 tonnes, we can’t be sure) and with each of its 4 tracks coming in at a bum-numbing 9mins+ it’s testament to Of End Times’ quality that these neanderthal bursts of suffocating sludge never once feel like a deep-dive into drudgery. No sir! This hulked out brute of an album rumbles forth on a tidal wave of thick, sticky riffs that drag themselves through the mire with unrelenting force and semi-fluid viscosity.   

When the pace does fleetingly quicken – such as on “Conquest” – 71TonMan erupt in a seismic spurt of doom-addled ecstasy but, fret not sludge-lovers, normal service quickly resumes when the gut-rumble of “Plague” and its incessant, nagging main riff greets your greasy ears. “War” and ”Famine” follow (don’t they always?!) and 71TonMan’s penchant for pulverising peasants underfoot continues unabated. Supremely solid stuff.

Mostly slow, unabashedly brutal and surprisingly expansive, 71TonMan’s Of End Times is as challenging a listen as you can possibly imagine…. but it’s well worth taking on if this kind of sludgy filth tips your own ‘heavy’ scales! 8/10  

<br />71TonMan - Of End Times

71TonMan‘s Of End Times was released on March 3rd, 2023 via Transcending Obscurity Records

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