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Promethium – Bleeding The Ghost – Album Review

Lancaster’s Promethium returned in October 2023 after what felt like an age (calm down, it was only three years!) and released their 5th album, Bleeding The Ghost.  

If anything, Promethium have matured into a UK band with both a modern sensibility and more than just a touch of the NWOBHM about ‘em – just check out those Maiden riffs on “Knives Out”. At times less aggressive and more melodic than in previous incarnations, mainman Dan Lovett-Horn has fashioned an album that’s both warmly nostalgic yet primed for UK festival stages….arms aloft, lighters alit (or probably someone’s f*ckin’ phone) and intent on bringing back real songwriting and catchy hooks to the UK metal scene. Which sounds a bit like this is wishy-washy, pop-metal shit, right? Wrong. Apologies if we misled you there. With oodles of groove and an all-encompassing darkness that floods the majority of the tracks of Bleeding The Ghost, Promethium haven’t softened but they have finessed their output.

The title track stands tall as an album highlight – and kicks off proceedings in fine fashion following short instrumental opener, “Goat” – but we have to admit, we favour the harder-hitting likes of “Healing Your Sin” (which is still as melodic as fuck!), the aforementioned “Knives Out” which offers groove, hooks and riffs aplenty and the thrashier “Catfish”. Closing with the suitably epic “My Fate” rounds things off rather nicely and showcases a band that has a knack for big tunes and big performances.

It’s worth mentioning that new frontman James Candlin has slotted in ridiculously well and while previous mic-handler Steve Graham is missed, it’s testament to both the songs on Bleeding The Ghost and James’ vocal performance that Promethium arguably sound more cohesive than ever.

Bleeding The Ghost may stand as somewhat of a ‘new beginning’ for Promethium but, on this evidence, their future is decidedly bright! 8/10 

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